Costume Options

Strolling Tables

Choose from our list of over 50 Themes like

1.Cigarette/Candy Girl
2.Movie Theater Usher/Usherette
4.Mardi Gras King/Queen
5.Southern Bell
6 .Valentine’s Day; Cupid, Heart Model, Greek
7 .New Years Eve
8. USO, Sailor Dolls, Captains, 4th/ Pin- Up Girl
9. Pirates, Mermaids
10. Cirque, Circus
11. Movie Stars, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis & more
12. French Maid, Chef
13.  Showgirls
14. 17th Century  Baroque
15.  1920s Flapper
16.  1940s  Film Star
17. 1950s Poodle Skirt/Greaser,Waitress/Waiter,
18.  Cheerleader/ Football or Sports
19.  Fairies/ Angels
20.  Santa’s Helpers
21.  Broadway Stage Characters
22.  Candyland
23.  Prima Ballerina
24.  Champagne Doll/ Tux Top Hat Male
25. International Fruit/Cheese


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