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It’s a LA DOLCE VITA theme with our beautiful and sparkling Champagne Skirt

We are so excited & honored to be a part of such a special event and for an incredible cause!


You are cordially invited to attend the 9th Annual Face Forward Gala. Prepare yourselves to embark on an adventure to another world. Indulge your senses with an evening of lavish luxury, exotic music, and many other surprises.

SPECIAL PERFORMANCE BY Grammy Award Winning Artist NE-YO

To know more about FACE FORWARD go to;

The mission of Face Forward is to provide emotional support and reconstructive surgery for women, children and men who have been victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking or any Cruel Acts of Crime.

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Strolling Champagne Skirt tonight- OC


e will be roaming and rolling tonight in our Golden Champagne Skirt for a very special 50th. You bring the bubbly and we will serve it up #ChampagneDoll Style! #MrsBellasDolls #TributeProductions

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Around the world French Champagne Dress lady

We had so much fun preparing for this very special birthday party in Laguna, where our clients wanted several costume options including an Eiffel Tower headpiece. She said “The more sparkly the better”. We had a ball traveling around the world with our Pan Am stewardesses, our beautiful Harem girls, and our Eiffel Tower champagne dress girl. We love customizing our looks for each and every client. #ChampagneDolls #PanAm #MrsBellasDolls #ChampagneDolls #GiantChampagneGlass #GirlinGlass #retro

Strolling Champagne Skirts

Getting ready to Doll up Terranea Resort tonight with our beautiful Strolling Champagne Skirts tonight’s theme is “ocean colors” which is so exciting for us to create! Happy Friday friends! #strollingchampagneskirts #strollingskirt #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls #chamapgnedolls #cageskirt 1LEDCHAMPAGNE4

Strolling Pop Corn Skirt

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Ready for the weekend Bella’s Dolls style!

Costumes are packed & we are ready for a busy, busy weekend! Bella’s Double-double booking weekend with Giant Champagne Glass #ChampagneDolls for beautiful wedding at Anaheim Marriott and then off to Laguna with our Strolling Champagne Skirt, our beautiful #PanAm Dolls and our sexy #HaremDolls bringing the sparkle and glam to a very special private birthday party. Our Client wanted lots of sparkle and bling and we will be bringing it with our custom headpieces and costuming. We can’t wait to make magic! #MrsBellasDolls #ChampagneDolls #GiantChampagneGlass #GirlinGlass #retro #ChampagneDress #StrollingChampagneSkirt #evententertainment #weddingentertainment #unique #TributeProductions #PanAmgirls #Stewardess #Haremgirls #EifellTowerheadpiece #lavenderdress #stewardess #dancers #models #doublebookings #brandambassadors #greetersvintage-black-and-white-woman-with-suitcases-on-bench

Human Tables & Skirts for the Holiday’s!


The holidays are right around the corner. That means it’s time to help your employees celebrate the season with a big company party. You want your brand to be represented at your event along with festive fun. This can help your employees stay engaged and loyal. Bella’s Champagne Dolls come complete with holiday themes so that you can completely “deck the halls” for the festivities that you’ll be hosting for your company. We have a variety of themes available including:

  • Candy Cane Dancers/Rockette style dance show with beautiful Holiday dancers kickline numbers
  • Strolling human Christmas tree that lights up (put Holiday goodies on our rolling tree!)
  • LED light up human tables to light in Holiday colors (reds, greens) or (blues, whites)
  • Winter wonderland human tables and Champagne skirts
  • Giant Bubble/Orb Dolls dancing in snow globes (dolls in balls)
  • Sugar plum fairies to dance and pose for photos
  • Angels in LED light up costumes
  • Elves & Toy Soldier Dolls
  • Holiday Showgirls  to dance or just pose for photos
  • Real beard Santa 
  • Santa’s helpers 

You can do a mix of each character or theme in order to achieve the feel you’re looking for at the party. All of these festive costumes come complete with glitz and even LED lights. No matter what you choose, your party guests will be twinkling with delight!

Bella’s Dolls & Tribute Productions Talent can help you to throw an incredible party complete with branded holiday candy girls. It’s branding and holiday fun all rolled into one. We help to make your party as unique as your company is and as festive as you want the holidays to be. All of these holiday-themed costumes have the ability to hold up to 100 champagne glasses, presents, or candy bags, so you can deliver gifts and fun to your employees in a creative way.

Is your holiday party being held at a theater type venue or will your employees need to be seated in certain spots? No problem! Our Champagne Dolls make great ushers at any of these events, helping your guests get to their seats and enjoy the party.

The best part is that all of our materials from our custom costumes to our holiday themes to our branded candy trays will match up with your needs and will represent just how cool your company is at your company party. Our custom costumes really are the best part, we promise!

Mrs. Bella’s Champagne Dolls has helped companies both large and small to celebrate new product launches, company parties and milestones with our champagne girls. Our goal is to give you a fully branded and unique experience each and every time. We look forward to helping you to celebrate your company holiday party. Take the opportunity during the planning stages of your party to see how Bella’s Champagne Dolls can make each and every event at your company extra-special!

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