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Casino theme Champagne Dress weekend

We are so excited to be working with (and for) Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits this weekend at a private event where we will be dolled up in “Casino” style costuming in reds & black tones as requested by our special clients. Our job is to make sure everyone will be pampered from head to toe with delicious bubbly hand delivered by the one and only #mrsbellasdolls #champagnedress #rollingchampagnedress #champagnelady #rollingchampagnedress #strollingchampagneskirt #champagneskirt #champagnegirl #champagnedolls #glamor #casinotheme #showgirl #glamor #tributeproductions 22

Matching our clients decor tonight

When the client wants us to match her decor of course we accommodate #silver #deepblue #lightpink #beautiful #colors #strollingchampagneskirt #starrynight #cagedskirt #champagnedress #champagnegirl #sparkles #champagnedolls

Circus showgirl tonight private event

Tonight is no April Fool!! with three completely different themes and events we have Hollywood covered!!
Roll out the red carpet for our modern day celebrity lookalikes for day 2 with #alfeck
then off to the lovely Cicada Club with our strolling champagne skirts and carousal performer for a circus theme, and finally our dancers will be rocking a bat mitzvah STAR WARS style to make a lasting impression with choreography like no other!!
Just another day in the life for us at Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment
#3bookings #circustheme #champagnedress #carousal #carousalperformer #ladyonahorse #starwarstheme #dancers #choreography #showgirls #champagneskirt

Day 1 at the Hilton

It’s day 1 for us at the lovely Hilton Anaheim. We are excited and looking forward to bringing “Hollywood” to the folks of Sopruma for the next 3 days & nights!! Happy Saturday friends! #tributeproductions #celebritylookalikes #rockandrolltheme #bodyguards #oldhollywood #sophialorenlookalike #marilynmonroelookalike #liztaylorlookalike #privateevent #candygirls #models #beauty #oldglamour #icons

Winter Wonderland Strolling Champagne skirt tonight

In celebration of the Holiday Season our Strolling Champagne Skirt tonight will be A Winter Wonderland Theme. We will be matching all of our Clients lighting and decor with our Snow Queen costuming. We may not have the ice cycles or snowflakes living in So Cali, but we can certainly bring the frost of the Holidays to any Event or party! #strollingchampagneskirt #rollingchampagneskirt #champagnetablelady #cagedskirt #girlinrollingskirt #champagnedress #winterwonderland #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls #snowflakes #icequeen #holidayentertainment

5 Events, 7 Dolls and a whole lot of costuming!


Gearing up for one busy booking night – 5 Events, 5 custom costumes and 7 Bella’s beauties sprinkling their Holiday cheer at Holiday Events from downtown to Malibu. Hold on to your hat box- here we come! #holidayevententertainment #strollinghumantables #strollingchampagneskirts #1940scigargirls #retroplayboybunnies #candygirls #LEDcandygirls #holidaytheme #snowqueenstrollingtable #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls

Strolling Human Christmas Tree & LED Strolling Angel Tables for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner. That means it’s time to help your employees celebrate the season with a big company party. You want your brand to be represented at your event along with festive fun. This can help your employees stay engaged and loyal. Bella’s Champagne Dolls come complete with holiday themes so that you can completely “deck the halls” for the festivities that you’ll be hosting for your company. We have a variety of themes available including:

  •  Winter wonderland
  • Dolls dancing in snow globes (dolls in balls)
  • Sugar plum fairies
  • Angels
  • Snow queens
  • Elves
  • Holiday showgirls
  • Real bearded Santa’s
  • Santa’s helpers
  • Strolling human Christmas tree

You can do a mix of each character or theme in order to achieve the feel you’re looking for at the party. All of these festive costumes come complete with glitz and even LED lights. No matter what you choose, your party guests will be twinkling with delight!

Bella’s Champagne Dolls can help you to throw an incredible party complete with branded holiday candy girls. It’s branding and holiday fun all rolled into one. We help to make your party as unique as your company is and as festive as you want the holidays to be. All of these holiday-themed costumes have the ability to hold up to 100 champagne glasses, presents, or candy bags, so you can deliver gifts and fun to your employees in a creative way.

Is your holiday party being held at a theater type venue or will your employees need to be seated in certain spots? No problem! Our Champagne Dolls make great ushers at any of these events, helping your guests get to their seats and enjoy the party.

The best part is that all of our materials from our custom costumes to our holiday themes to our branded candy trays will match up with your needs and will represent just how cool your company is at your company party. Our custom costumes really are the best part, we promise!

Mrs. Bella’s Champagne Dolls has helped companies both large and small to celebrate new product launches, company parties and milestones with our champagne girls. Our goal is to give you a fully branded and unique experience each and every time. We look forward to helping you to celebrate your company holiday party. Take the opportunity during the planning stages of your party to see how Bella’s Champagne Dolls can make each and every event at your company extra-special!holidaynewsletter